CloudBolt Launches New Platform Features To Simplify Multi-Cloud Enterprise Environments

CloudBolt Software announced upgrades to its cloud delivery platform, which aims to simplify administrative tasks in multi-cloud environments. Upgraded features include self-service and task automation services as well as deeper integration with cloud platform providers.

By offering a layer of abstraction between the cloud services and the management platform, CloudBolt can act as an intermediary on your behalf. This can simplify the management of the infrastructure, especially in situations where multiple cloud platforms are being leveraged.

Cloudbolt integrates into VMware and Citrix virtualization platforms as well as cloud services from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and OpenStack. It also integrates into popular configuration management platforms Chef and Puppet.

This doesn’t only manage upstream connections to the cloud, it also provides some management options downstream to the resource consumers. By leveraging your existing cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resources, you can repackage those resources and have them provisioned as a Platform as a Service offering (PaaS).

“We’re seeing exploding demand for CloudBolt as the increasing complexity of enterprise virtualization and cloud computing becomes a massive headache for enterprise IT,” said Jon Mittelhauser, CEO, CloudBolt. “Enterprises are seeking the capabilities that CloudBolt offers. It’s specifically designed for the brownfield environments of large enterprises. In bridging legacy, current and future technologies, CloudBolt brings to the IT administrator greater agility in managing their multi-cloud environments, and in meeting end-user expectations of instant deployment.”

Management of the cloud environments can be done on both a large scale, such as provisioning resources, or on a small scale by applying configuration management to a single VM. CloudBolt delivers solutions including automated server provisioning and management, unified IT management, chargeback/showback reporting, interactive service catalogs and license management.

Improvements in the latest release offer administrators the ability to snapshot a VM directly from the CloudBolt user interface, set rate-based limits on environments, and apply new trigger points for powering on and off servers.

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