Clusterpoint Announces New Database-As-A-Service Offering

Clusterpoint is a Latvian-based NoSQL database vendor offering distributed, enterprise-level database-as-a-service to small and medium sized businesses without the high price tag. Today, the company announced it is launching Clusterpoint 3.0 in North America.

Clusterpoint 3.0 is a cloud-based, massively distributed, NoSQL database-as-a service offering that allows clients to scale instantly, regardless of the data volume. Zigmars Raascevskis, CEO of Clusterpoint said, “Developers who are maintaining their own databases today face two major obstacles because of hardware: fixed capacity and speed limitations. This is why we have built a cloud-based database service.”

To go along with instant scalability, the company offers a true, pay-as-you-go pricing model that eliminates the need for provisioning. With typical database-as-a-service providers, customers must estimate their computing needs and choose the most appropriate pricing tier. Unfortunately, spikes in usage can cause either large cost overruns or performance bottlenecks.

Clusterpoint has no tiers. Instead, resources are allocated based upon need and accounted per request with millisecond granularity. The company offers up to 10 GB of storage, 500 MB RAM, 10 GB outbound traffic, and 0.1 CPU Core for free. After that, there are four billable criteria starting only when the free amounts are exceeded. The pricing schedule is: CPU core time, billed at $0.07/hr, Storage Space at $0.30/GB/Month, RAM at $12.50/ GB/Month, and Outbound traffic at $0.004/GB/month.

The first month is free regardless of usage so that customers can see what the service would cost under real-world scenarios.

Along with the new service launch, the company announced the opening of a new server cluster located in Dallas, TX. This facility is Clusterpoint’s first major investment in U.S. infrastructure and signals the company’s commitment to the North American marketplace.

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