IndependenceIT And nGenx Team Up To Bring GoldMine To The Cloud

IndependenceIT and nGenx are teaming up to bring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software GoldMine to the cloud. In what looks to be a win for all three parties, GoldMine will get an update to its delivery platform from an off-the-shelf independent software vendor to a cloud-based subscription model.

IndependenceIT provides a desktop as a service (DaaS) platform built on top of the Google Compute Engine. By leveraging this solution, GoldMine can get its software delivered seamlessly to customers, giving them the opportunity to modernize licensing to a subscription model.

nGenx delivers its “Bring Your Own Cloud” solution to GoldMine, updating the code to perform within a cloud environment. By using the nGenx nFinity Workspace, GoldMine was able to work with cloud experts in delivering its product.

We got a chance to talk to JD Helms, president of nGenx, about this latest news to find out more about “cloudifying” an application.

nGenx works directly with their customers to update any pieces of code that need to be rewritten, and actually embeds developers within the staff of the software company they’re working with. By getting close to the developers and the product, they become familiar with its nuances.

Bringing an application to the cloud is more than just engineering the cloud connectivity piece. Often, they have to delicately suggest the changes that need to be made to meet with certain standards or criteria, as they’re making changes to software that was the result of their direct clients’ work. Due to the embedding process and the code analysis, it can take up to six months for nGenx to complete the conversion of a software package to a cloud ready application.

Once converted, the application is ready to be deployed from the DaaS solution provided by IndendenceIT. Since it’s a DaaS solution and not strictly a software as a service (SaaS) solution, the possibility for GoldMine customers to add more applications to the Cloud Workspace Suite is easy to accommodate.

GoldMine has been making CRM software for 25 years. The company is a pioneer in the industry before CRM cloud computing giant became a force of their own. GoldMine Cloud is available now.

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